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Technology Amuck

A young lady was recently telling me her woes about a boy she had a crush on.  The woe was this: he hadn’t “liked” a picture she posted of them earlier that day.  I asked her if his opinion was … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality

In an era when students will be mandated to take achievement tests online, another challenge looms.  A concept called “net neutrality” or “open internet” is worth googling and learning about.  In short, the Federal Communications Commission is deciding if they … Continue reading

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Flipping Math Workshop

Check out how my buddy flipped his math workshop so the kids get twice the instruction and twice the practice in one class. Let me know if this docu-mini-tary helps or inspires. If you have or know of a practice … Continue reading

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Summer Online Academy

I’m not a real big video game fan, but I’m very interested in how to gamify a classroom, with or without technology, so that the same elements that engage learners so naturally on video games might apply to social learning. … Continue reading

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Tech Has Its Place

There is so much banter about educational technology. Teachers are pressured to use technology even through our evaluation systems, while plenty of educators (and the public) don’t completely understand how easily pedagogical tech and novelty tech can be confused. For … Continue reading

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Twitter: My Newest PLC

I’ve bemoaned Facebook for all providing more information than anyone needs to know about each other. I’ve realized why the Me Generation is, after hearing about celebrities tweet their every pathetic thought for tweens to gush over. High school reunions … Continue reading

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CCSS Movement at 10,000 Feet

In response to questions I’ve had from multiple teachers, this is my attempt at summarizing the landscape that will affect our classrooms over the next few years: CCSS – The Common Core State Standards were written for English/Language Arts and … Continue reading

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Professional Learning Conception #7 – Online Collaborative Learning

Online learning is pounding on the doors of public education.  There are still lots of question, such as: are we using technology to merely economize or make the same procedures more efficient; or are we using it as a tool … Continue reading

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TEDx Lansing 2012

Last week I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.  After posting links to a few different TED talks here on my blog, I took part of a day to attend the Lansing TED conference.  TED … Continue reading

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What Do You Read?

From time to time people ask me what I read to keep up with things from the classroom to the world.  Wide reading is a requirement at and here are some of the sources I read regularly: Education Week … Continue reading

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